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Just another temporary plug to a void that may never be filled

Hugh Jackman as Joel and Chloe Grace Moretz as Ellie would be perfect

Can we eliminate credit cards because people in this country are not disciplined or responsible enough with their money and they spend WAY more than they actually can afford…. It’s like they forget the bills need to be paid at the end of the month

Ryan Johansen is fucking stupid for the way he’s handling this. $7 mil × 7 yrs coming out of ELC and ONE good season? Get the fuck out of this LEAGUE if you think that’s a possibility. Kekalainen is handling this the right way because Johansen is a MORON

dairytrotz Lmao you’re right. Goddammit lol

The ignorance and brainwashing of Americans was as evident as ever when I told somebody today, “I’m a Socialist” and her response was “so you’re a Communist?” No I am not a communist I am a fucking SOCIALIST. There IS a difference.



If America was a socialist nation we would all be a lot better off

France’s current president is Socialist, and the nation is doing all right for itself. We just don’t want to try other economic policies other than Capitalism because it’s America.


Potential Trade

Calgary trades Jiri Hudler + late pick to Nashville for Ryan Ellis. Thoughts?


Remember 1998? When Kanye West looked more like Steve Urkel than himself?

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If you think we support Palestine because we are anti-Semitic you are a fuckkkkkkinggggggg morrrrrrronnnnnnnnn

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