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If the NHL expands to 34 teams like it is rumored to do I’m gonna be PISSED. Move the Panthers to Quebec City, Coyotes to Seattle, and then expand to Las Vegas and Kansas City if you really want to (even though one, if not both, will be a failure).

Why the fuck is Las Vegas getting an NHL team

Lol Sens making more stupid moves what a surprise #anderson #michalek #macarthur

Though I’m fortunate enough to go, I hate the concept of college. People pay as much as they would for a car with money they don’t even have to go to classes that they probably won’t actually learn much at to get a piece of paper that says they have the ‘knowledge’ required for a certain field. Then comes the task of finding a job, but not just a job, a career. But they’ll be paying their loans off for so many years that they may never get comfortable financially, and who knows if they’ll make it to retirement because who knows if our generation will even get to retire. The cycle is never-ending. The majority of each generation starts off in a financial deficit. Which leads to emotional deficits that then leads to depression and lack of motivation. Which causes societal strife and general unhappiness. Which will eventually lead to an end to this corrupt system. It’s inevitable.

Bill O’Reilly said that black people need to stop having kids out of wedlock and that the program My Brother’s Keeper is not effective enough at ‘getting in there’ and fixing the black community…. I wonder when he’ll stop fucking spreading his racist white supremacist bullshit.